Detox and Rejuvenate with Activated Charcoal

Hey Natural Beauties! We are tackling an ingredient we've all heard about: Activated Charcoal.  What is it? What can it do our skin? 

Let's dive in.  

What is activated Charcoal? 

Activated Charcoal is a natural, chemical free product made from a variety of sources such as Bamboo, Hardwood, even Coconut.  The natural material, is heated a high temperatures and burned slowly.  It's then treated with oxygen.  The final product is a wonderful natural ingredient used by many cultures to detoxify and purify the skin.  

How does it help? 

  • It is a gentle exfoliant which helps to eliminate dead cells from the surface of the skin.  This leaves you with a fresh regenerated complexion.  
  • It removing toxins from the surface of your skin.  It's often referred to as a magnet for dirt and oil. This is because Activated Charcoal absorbs excess oil and dirt, allowing it to be washed away. 
  • Because of it's great absorbing and detoxing abilities, it can help with the control of acne and blemishes.  It can also reduce the appearance of large pores.  

What kind of Charcoal do we use? 

We use Activated Bamboo Charcoal collected from bamboo that has grown for five years or more.  The surface area of this bamboo is larger than regular charcoal, allowing it to absorb more dirt and oil at a quicker rate than regular charcoal.  

Hey Natural Beauties, be careful.  Not all charcoal is Activated Charcoal.  Be sure your products are made with Activated Charcoal to ensure that you are getting all the benefits it provides.  

Discover our Charcoal Skincare products: 

Charcoal Cleansing Cream:







  • For all skin types
  • Can be used daily

A gentle facial cleanser is enriched with Activated Bamboo Charcoal.  This cleanser helps to remove dirt and toxins from your skin, leaving you with a soft fresh face.  


Charcoal Rose Clay Mask

  • For All Skin Types
  • Use 2 to 3 times per week, leave on for 5-10 mins. Rinse well.  Follow with Rosehip Rejuvenating Serum. 

This detoxifying mask is made from mineral rich clay and skin rejuvenating roses.  The addition of roses helps to hydrate dry skin and brighten your complexion.  

 BEWARE of misleading advertising:  

  • Be careful when purchasing skincare products with charcoal listed as the ingredient.  Charcoal is not the same as Activated Charcoal.
  • Check out the back of your label.  All products containing Charcoal (both activated and non activated) will list the ingredient as Charcoal.  This does not mean that it is activated!  
  • Using regular Charcoal will not give you the detoxifying, oil absorbing benefits that you need for glowing skin.  














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