So for countless years we've been hearing and reading about the benefits of Coconut oil.  

The benefits are astounding.  Coconut Oil is one of the few oils that are able to penetrate our hair shaft adding softness and luster while preventing moisture loss.  Lets examine the different forms of this amazing oil.  

  • Virgin Coconut Oil:  This version is the least processed.  It smells the most of coconut (compared to others). It transforms into a clear liquid in warm temperatures (such as your bathroom after a shower).  Once cooled it becomes firm and opaque.    This version creates an oily, protective barrier on the skin which is absorbed fairly quickly.  
  • Coconut Oil (Refined):  This version has a  very slight coconut scent, but is generally considered odorless.  Similar to the virgin oil it is firm and solid when cool, but liquid when warmed.  It also absorbs quickly, creating an oily protective barrier.  
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil:  This version has been heated as a part of its processing.  It stays liquid, clear and is very light.  The main reason to use fractionated coconut oil is the moisture it offers.  It gets into your hair and skin and moisturizes deeply.  

There is no wrong coconut oil.  It depends on personal preference and intended use.  Knowing the properties of each oil, may help you make your decision.    

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I was never a big fan of coconut oil. It had to do with the smell. However after reading this, I may have to reconsider. Using your natural products has improved the health of my skin.

Juliette Coleman